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Terms & Conditions:

  • The scope of works limited to all interior areas accessible with standard cleaning aids. The Company Representative will not clean inaccessible and unsafe places.
  • The Customer understands that the Services will be provided at the premises registered at the time of order booking.
  • Customer agrees to provide necessary access to their premises for our company representative/technicians for rendering services.
  • Customer agrees and understands to arrange necessary permission wherever applicable and confirm prior to the job commencement.
  • Pre and Post cleaning inspection need to be carried out by the customers in the presence of technicians and if any corrections are needed, should be made on the same day.
  • Any unsatisfactory services need to be reported within 24 hours of the service delivery. The company will not be held responsible for any complain after 24 hours of service delivery.
  • All valuables including cash, jewelry, items of sentimental value, art, antiques must be kept safe and secured before Company Representative reaches. We shall not be held responsible if any valuables are lost.
  • We do not move or clean heavy objects, electronics goods cabinets or similar item. if it need be, Customer need to arrange at their own cost.
  • Precaution must be taken to remove/cover food stuff while cleaning the premises to prevent contamination with chemical.
  • Service does not include cleaning of bio hazard materials and wastes, or Human/animal excrement.
  • In the event original requirement of the cleaning job after inspection changes or any additional request is made additional cost will be levied.
  • We reserves the right not to be responsible for delay for a cleaning visit due to act of god, traffic congestion, postponed service due to broken equipment, job not complete due to lack of hot water or power and suitable cleaning materials, third party entering or present at Client’s premises obstructing the cleaning process.
  • Customer is not entitled for any refund in part or full once the service is delivered.
  • Active Skills shall not by any means be or become liable to the customers for any damage suffered by them directly or indirectly through the presence of our Service Professionals in the premise contracted. The only liability of Active Skills will be limited to re-clean the said premises for which customer has signed the contract with Active Skills.